Emerging Society and Sociological Discourse in Brazil

Monday, July 14, 2014: 1:00 PM
Room: 503
Oral Presentation
Tom DWYER , University of Campinas, Brazil
Sociological research in Brazil pays little attention to the dynamics of economic and cultural globalization, and especially not to that with the BRICS. This paper proposes a sociology of the Brics, based in  symbolic interactionism and a classification which sees globalisation as occurring in three relatively autonomous spheres: supra-national, economic and cultural. (Wieviorka)  Following upon Weber, I define the sociology of the BRICS as having at its centre the significant interactions that occur between citizens (and ‘objects’) that represent the BRICS countries. This research uses mixed methods, drawing upon observations, interviews and readings. A massive increase in Brazilian presence in China is observable over the past two decades, this has been accompanied by a rising number of strains between Brazilians and Chinese. The results of recent field research in Southern China, especailly with Brazilians who serve as cultural intermediaries, will be analysed. Some consequences drawn from this study for Brazil-China relations are detailed and some future research initiatives suggested. My hypothesis is that the objects of sociological discourse will adjust to meet the emerging needs in the society.