Natural Resource, Economic Opportunities and Population Dynamics Among Badjao Informal Settlers in Batangas City, Philippines

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:50 PM
Room: 419
Oral Presentation
Danesto ANACIO , School of Environmental Science and Management, University of the Philippines , Philippines
Suzette SIMONDAC , University of the Philippines , Philippines
The dynamic formation of informal settlements are important to consider in analyzing environmental and developmental issues due to its implications for sustainable development and social well-being. Additionally, understanding environment and resource dynamics requires critical consideration for populations involved within that particular environment. Of particular concern for this study are the Badjao, indigenous maritime people originally from the southern Philippines, but some have since migrated toward other parts of the country. One of the cities where the Badjao peoples have migrated to is Batangas City, a city in the north-central part of the country with an average income of P400 million pesos or more. As a result of the presence of the Badjao community, issues and concerns have been raised by the city local government unit (LGU). At the same time, the Badjao also experience social, economic and environmental problems in the city. Using key informant interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs), critical review of related government agency reports and documents, and field observations, this paper examines migration patterns of the Badjao peoples and its nexus with the existing environment and economic conditions present in the area.