The Increase in Support of Right-Wing Party in Ukraine: Assessing the Social and Economical Context

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 9:25 AM
Room: F203
Oral Presentation
Natalia KHARCHENKO , Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Kyiv, Ukraine
Volodymyr PANIOTTO , Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Ukraine
Olexandr KRASNOVSKYY , Kiev International Inst Sociology, Ukraine
The survey data show that right-wing ideology becomes more popular in Ukraine.  Far-right party Svoboda, promoting racist, xenophobic views, on the parliamentary elections in Ukraine 2012 received 10.44% and was held in the Parliament for the first time (in the previous elections of 2007, it received only 0.76% of the votes). One of the most unexpected findings of the Ukrainian national exit-poll 2012 is that individuals with higher education have greater propensity to vote for this right party. Has far-right ideology such strong support in Ukraine or are there were other reasons for this success?  The analysis is based on the electoral statistics and nationally representative data about the well-being, educational status, ethno-linguistic affiliation, electoral history, basic social and political attitudes, and protest intentions of supporters of the right party Svoboda in Ukraine.