Sociocultural Interaction in the North Caucasus: Globalization and Identification

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 10:45 AM
Room: 419
Oral Presentation
Rashid KHUNAGOV , Philosophy and Sociology, Adyghe State University, Maikop, Russia
The North Caucasus is experiencing globalization challenges. New information technologies generate frequently the cultural shock, threatening ethnic cultures in the region. Interaction of the global and local in modern conditions strengthens intensity in traditional cultures. Therefore glocality becomes time imperative.

Globalization influences greatly the identity, opening a way to set of identities in the global world. Of principal value is conscious familiarization with cultural wealth of other people. We should take such values which do not break internal development of our own culture and do not tear it off from the historical roots, the best achievements and traditions. The ethnic culture can develop and rise to the universal importance only in dialogue with cultures of other ethnoses.

One of  the findings of modern public consciousness is that it is impossible to imagine any civilized country out of communication with other world, with other cultures. The need of the people for cultural mutual understanding and aspiration to learn an inner world of each other lead to expansion of spiritual bonds and contacts. Ideas of preservation and further development of a human civilization are connected with the need of cultural mutual communication.

Efficiency of cultural inheritance depends, first, on ability of a community to claim, master and use values of other people in own ethnic environment; secondly, on aspiration of a community to take unavailable valuable elements; and thirdly, on readiness of a community to see in loan an opportunity to open the best qualitative lines and properties.

It becomes obvious that the new acquired does not lose ethnic coloring and originality, but on the contrary, it becomes more profound ethnically and at the same time integrated. This statement is especially topical for a modern sociocultural situation in the North Caucasus and in Russia as a whole.