Party Nomination of Candidates and Under-Represented Groups in Nigeria: A Study of Local Council Elections in Enugu State

Friday, July 18, 2014: 10:50 AM
Room: Booth 46
Oral Presentation
J. Tochukwu OMENMA , Institute of African Studies,, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria
This paper is premised on the nomination of 17 council chairmen (not Chairwomen) by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for November 2, 2013 local council election in Enugu State. The issue of underrepresentation of certain groups, particularly women, brings to fore the contradiction of the party’s policy of equitable representation of women in party organs by using affirmative action of at least 35% of women. The claim to be a democratic nation cannot be sustained when political parties are not inclusive, and the candidates they nominate for all the elections remain male dominated. Most worrisome, is the grave yard silence from the marginalized women group of the local communities. The paper will centre attention on the process of candidate nomination by PDP, highlighting the particular obstacles that women face in the process. The paper examines the likely relationship between the prevalent culture of political ‘godfather’ and women underrepresentation in municipal politics in Enugu state since 1999.