New Citizenship, New World. a Theoretical Analysis of the Last Social Movements in Spain (2003-2013)

Monday, July 14, 2014: 7:45 PM
Room: 411
Oral Presentation
Antonio ALVAREZ-BENAVIDES , Centre d'Analyse et d'Intervention Sociologique, École Hautes Études Sciences Sociales, France
Citizenship was articulated as a social science concept by the differentiation between civil, politic and social rights that Marshall proposed in 1950. Nevertheless because of globalization, translational migrations, new social movements and the transformations of identities and their referents, Marshallian citizenship has been questioned. New claims, new demands of recognition and new social practices have transformed the classic references on which citizenship relays, such as time, space or nation. In this paper we explore the different academic proposals and we will revise at least three major perspectives of analysis (structuralism, the liberalism and social actors) that aim to address the future of citizenship, social movements and political practices and systems of Western liberal democracies. We will focus our analysis in the Spanish context and the last well-known social movements as the 15M or “No a la Guerra”, but always taking into account the complexity of the local-global realities.