“Viet Kieu” or Overseas Vietnamese and the Future of Viet Nam: The Case of Viet Kieu Association in Thailand

Friday, July 18, 2014: 11:00 AM
Room: 313+314
Oral Presentation
Bongkot NAPAUMPORN , Women for Peace Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand
The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (SRV) or Viet Nam is one of the countries on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia which had many times faced severe circumstance caused by colonization. However, Viet Nam finally surmounted all difficulties and has been gradually developed by great help of its own people, particularly overseas Vietnamese, including those who have already returned and who are still abroad. “Viet Kieu” or overseas Vietnamese has a long history closely linked to the protection and construction of Viet Nam. Approximately, there are 4 million “Viet Kieu” or overseas Vietnamese currently living, working and studying around the world. “Viet Kieu” is playing an important role in preserving Vietnamese language, national culture, tradition and knowledge outside the country, contributing to Viet Nam’s economic growth as well as developing the foreign relations of Viet Nam.

The study aims to analyze role of “Viet Kieu” community, particularly in Thailand, in strengthening overseas Vietnamese regime and making great contribution back to the country. The study further highlights view of the Viet Nam State about “Viet Kieu”, including its distinct policy on nationality management towards these populations, to create favorable conditions for them with a view to integrating them as a part of Vietnamese community. In doing so, the researcher will interview “Viet Kieu” Association in Thailand, analyze case studies of “Viet Kieu” who benefits from the Viet Nam’s policy, and review relevant literature regarding the issue.

With illustration of the “Viet Kieu” Association in Thailand, importance of the “Viet Kieu” or overseas Vietnamese community in constructing and developing Viet Nam will be emphasized in the study. Finally, this study will envisage how Viet Nam avails itself of these “Viet Kieu” or overseas Vietnamese for the forthcoming ASEAN economic integration in 2015 and beyond.