Info-Communication Culture, Cultural Crisis, Social Media and New Technologies: The Model ‘Info-Communication Cultural Management (ICCM)'

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 12:00 AM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
George GANTZIAS , Cultural Technology & Communication, University of the Aegean, Athens, Greece
New technologies exert strong pressure on traditional cultural organizations and institutions to digitalize theirs cultural management and administration structures. In economic crisis, some of the most important and widely debated issues in the areas of digitization of cultural policy are administration of cultural organizations and cultural rights of cultural activities in Info-Communication Landscape (ICL). In order to cope with the recent crisis and to protect cultural policy and cultural management, all countries should collaborate to create and offer a dynamic regulatory mechanism in info-communication globalization. This paper examines and analyses cultural management, social media, new technologies and info-communication culture. It focuses on cultural management, public interest and regulations of digitized cultural products and services. It proposes a new dynamic model for cultural management  ‘Info-Communication Cultural Management (ICCM)’ in cultural anad economic crisis.