Reflecting/Reflexive Surface: An Ethno-Gender Othering Experience

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 11:15 AM
Room: 302
Oral Presentation
Nacira GUÉNIF-SOUILAMAS , University Paris 8, France
Practicing sociology as an art of resistance offers an unusual vantage point on what may seem to be the hidden agenda of the sociological duty: locating the other sociologist from within. Beyond empirical and routinized practices, this paper aims at giving an account of oneself as a sociologist at the margin or as a minority sociologist. Recording and narrating various encounters of the othering processes, it will explain and discuss the kind of knowledge built under such guise and the way in which it can add some value to the sociological experience. Undoing the disciplinary process still considered central to the existence of sociology is an intellectual itinerary and a collective platform for change in times of enduring inequalities. Reconciling the individual and intimate, here considered as a reflecting/reflexive surface, with sociology as a discipline will be one of the challenges of this paper, as it is one for sociologists in a common world of uncertain paths to equality.