From Theory of Social System to the Theory of Social Harbor

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 4:15 PM
Room: 304
Distributed Paper
Dachen KANG , Research Associate, beijing, China
From theory of social system to the theory of social Harbor

Kang Dachen

Institute of Policy and Management (IPM),

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


In the new post-industrial era, especially in the sense of ecological civilization, the concept of "society" in the end should be re-understand and re-define. The work is an urgent job. People in the past regarded “society” as a “complex system” and the intercourses, the understanding and studying work is based on the systems methodology to reveal its dynamics mechanisms. In fact, there exist an entirely demands to find a new set of concepts, categories and to establish a new theoretical framework for the sociology. In this paper, the concept of "Social harbor" or "Harbor society" is proposed to reveal the society to help people build a new comprehension or sense to security mechanism.

"Harbor" is an abstract concept from physical world; it can be used to study the problem that how humans can better cope with unpredictable or unavailable changes and bring a new sense of co-existence of social cooperation. Correspondingly, the concept such as “matrix”, “general climate” are important cornerstones. Thus, the theoretical framework of social Harbour can be developed based on the theory of social system and a new kind of insight or ideology which is beyond the concepts of systems and institutions can be established.