Romantic Love and Media Usage Among Japanese Youth

Friday, July 18, 2014: 11:15 AM
Room: F204
Oral Presentation
Ichiyo HABUCHI , Hirosaki University, Japan
Over 90 % of Japanese married people are married until 35 years old and single people who would like to marry are 82.7%. Japanese have a strong desire for a formal marriage and making a family. An opportunity of the modern marriage is needed the encounter at a school, in friend relations, at the workplace or at a daily place. Japanese marry from 20s to early 30s, after their experience of romantic love.

After early 2000s, a new style was born in the place of an electronic encounter, like SNS web sites.

This paper is aimed to examine what is the relationship between the experience of romantic love and media usage in Japan; drawn on our quantitative research conducted in 2011.