Disaster, Violence and Women: The Case of Van Earthquake 2011 Turkey

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 9:00 AM
Room: 303
Oral Presentation
Huseyin ODABAS , Sociology, Mr, ERzurum, Turkey
Serkan DEMIRAL , Social Anthropology, Mrs, ERzurum, Turkey
the debates concentrated on  the relationship between disaster and violence assume that in case of disaster the rate of violence  increases. this is also true for the case of intimate and domestic relations. particularly men are the dominant actors in this disaster related violence. ın order words, since the loss of economical, social, and cultural power men feel the high level pressure on themselves. the reflection of this pressure can be seen in domestic relations. the violence emerged that time can have some different aspects such as physical and psychological violence. beating and  sexual harassment (including incest) are some of them.
In this presentation the relation between disaster and gender is examined in Van Earthquake 2011 Turkey by depending on the assumptions above