Big Data: The Concept in the Next Society

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 6:00 PM
Room: Booth 47
Oral Presentation
Wei-Hsin HSIAO , Fakultät für Kulturreflexion, Universitaet Witten/Herdecke, Witten, Germany
In our society, each social phenomenon leans on every new concept to clarify.
Concept of "Big Data" reveals the novel route to further illustrate our society.
Confronting endless possibility in the society nowadays, connection produces
innumerable different situation since they are highly correlated. These variable
contexts currently become a huge complexity than within the modern society in the
sense of Niklas Luhmann. Therefore, the aim of next society is finding a way to
construct the order of the system (in the sense of Dirk Baecker), not reducing the
complexity instead.
Facebook demonstrated a solution, which has been developed by the society. By
algorithmic programming in Facebook, each loose coupling (uncertainties) click of
the user is now referring to different distinction and building up the boundary of
meaning. Every time user clicks “like” on status that it means he understands
something. Following understanding and meaning, the uncertain state will soon
transform into certainty, namely stable state or the order. Thus, using the endless
uncertainty is possible to construct the order or coexist with other systems.
The novelty of "Big Data" isn't itself but clarify the targeted question. The paper
illustrated how Facebook reveals the solution to the problem of the next society,
computer society, as Dirk Baecker said.