Youth Studies in Russia under the context of globalization

Monday, July 14, 2014: 6:00 PM
Room: F204
Oral Presentation
Mikhail GORSHKOV , Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Irina TYURINA , Scientific&Organizational Department, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
The paper is concerned with the problem of the Russian youth, with a special emphasis on the history of the theoretical and empirical researches devoted to the youth issues.  The authors attempt to provide a comprehensive account on the development of theories on youth in Russia and the thesaurus conception of youth from the early 1920s up to the present time.  The research delineates the term thesaurus and its connection with the formation of modern youth's outlook.  

The results obtained during analytical work with the literature and empirical data will become the basis for general conclusions and recommendations regarding the development of future research in the area of youth and youth policy.  In particular, they determine the main trends in research regarding Russian youth, especially in relation to the so-called «new Russian reality» of the market economy, the institutes of democracy and law-based government (demographic problems in Russia; status of Russian youth in the context of its development; description and sociological analysis of various problems related to it; educational opportunities for young people in Russia; Russian youth identities, etc.).  At the same time the paper reveals some certain problems in youth studies, conducted by Russian sociologists under the context of globalization.

One of the central focuses of the research is social and cultural value orientations of the young Russian. The study presents a detailed analysis of impact that traditional Mass Media and information revolution plays in socialization of Russian youth, its generations, its influence on public opinion formation, etc.