Modern Social Communication in the School System

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 11:15 AM
Room: F201
Oral Presentation
Elena NAZAROVA , Public Relation and Media Policy, Russian Presidental Academy, Moscow, Russia
Elena Nazarova

Modern social communication in the school system

Information technology today is perhaps one of the most rapidly developing areas, which directly affects the dynamics and to some extent determines the vector of development of a society and a system of communication. 

The rapid pace of changes in contemporary social and professional spheres determine the need for such specialists , who would have not only availability, but also the ability to equally rapid self- transformation. Modern specialist is in a situation where information and communicative movement causes him to be creative, constantly speaking in a variety of roles. This fundamentally changes the status and purpose of education.

Education loses its autonomy and isolation, losing the functional role of the" incubator for growing professionals." In a sense, the whole society is the educational system, where experts will not only accumulate information and knowledge in preparation for life, but also to fully live, applying them in practice in process of development.

 Communicative competence and information, creative movement and tolerance come to the forefront in the formation of man , describing him as a specialist , who can be integrated into the mainstream of the movement of professional knowledge, and as a full member of the ever-changing multicultural social reality. This is an important aspect of the communicative component of education.

According to most of the school is the main element in the process of becoming a person , is to teach people to think, to respect labor, to encourage children tolerance, and develop entrepreneurial skills to real life , and not just theoretical knowledge.