Current Research in Comparative Sociology Part III

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 5:30 PM-7:20 PM
Room: Booth 51
RC20 Comparative Sociology (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizer:
Jean-Pascal DALOZ, Université de Strasbourg, France
Cross-National Comparative Lifestyle Research: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations and a Two-Country Illustration (Oral Presentation)
Yannick LEMEL, Laboratoire de Sociologie Quantitative, France; Tally KATZ-GERRO, University of Haifa, Israel

Power Shifts and Transnationalization. a Comparative Study of Long-Term Changes in the Swedish Power Elite, 1990 - 2013 (Oral Presentation)
Anita GÖRANSSON, Uppsala University, Sweden; Ida LIDEGRAN, Uppsala University, Sweden; Martin GUSTAVSSON, Stockholm University SCORE, Sweden

Into the Great Wide Open? a Comparative Study of Cultural Legitimacy and the Arts in British and Finnish Newspapers, 1960-2010 (Oral Presentation)
Semi PURHONEN, University of Helsinki, Finland; Jukka GRONOW, University of Helsinki, Finland; Tina LAURONEN, University of Helsinki, Finland; Riie HEIKKILÄ, University of Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Moral Repertoires: A Contribution To a Comparative Cultural Sociology Of Social Justice (Oral Presentation)
Morten FREDERIKSEN, Aalborg University, Denmark

Distinction Practices and Socialization Of “Native” and “Foreign” Elites In Mexico (Oral Presentation)
Eike HEINZE, Université de Strasbourg, France

“Ottomania” and “Cool Japan” in Comparative Perspective (Distributed Paper)
Murat ERGIN, Koç University, Turkey