Changes and Dynamics: Challenges in Constructing and Defining Complex Social Indicators

Monday, July 14, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:20 PM
Room: Booth 53
RC55 Social Indicators (host committee)

Language: English

One of the most important issues to face in measuring and monitoring quality of life through complex indicators is stability and change (well-being dynamics). Generally, studies on change and stability may have different objectives, such as - describing detailed patterns of change, - predicting change values from those obtained in the past, - obtaining insight into underlying causal processes In order to attain these goals, measuring and analysis of change require two aspects to be carefully and systematically considered: 1. theoretical, concerning the definition and conceptualization of change 2. methodological, concerning: (i) design, (ii) measuring procedures, and (iii) data analysis. Papers will focus on this particular issue, crucial in monitoring societal well-being also in policy perspective.
Session Organizer:
Filomena MAGGINO, University of Florence, Italy
Combining Economic Trend Data with Suffering Narratives for Disaster-Struck Nations (Oral Presentation)
Ronald ANDERSON, University of Minnesota, USA

Dynamics of Social Indicators of Ukraine (Oral Presentation)
Natalia KHARCHENKO, Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Ukraine; Volodymyr PANIOTTO, Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Ukraine

Kozminski University Index of Balanced Economic and Social Development ("IBESD") for Poland (Oral Presentation)
Krzysztof ZAGORSKI, Kozminski University, Poland; Andrzej K. KOZMINSKI, Kozminski University, Poland; Adam NOGA, Kozminski University, Poland; Katarzyna PIOTROWSKA, Kozminski University, Poland

Dynamics of Income and Living Standard (Oral Presentation)
Jonas BESTE, Insitute for Employment Research, Germany

Long-Term Trends in Life Satisfaction in Europe Explained (1973-2012) (Oral Presentation)
Marc CALLENS, Research Cntr of the Flemish Government, Belgium

The Proliferation of Composite Indexes (Oral Presentation)
Nuno BOAVIDA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Cesnova/IET), Germany

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