Circular or Temporary Mobilities and Global Inequality

Friday, July 18, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:20 AM
Room: 313+314
RC31 Sociology of Migration (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizer:
Lloyd L. WONG, University of Calgary, Canada
Patricia TOMIC, UBC, Canada
The Industry of Migrant Mobility: Bastard Institutions and Infrastructures in the Eastern and Western Migratory Corridors of the U.S.-Mexico Border (Oral Presentation)
Ruben HERNANDEZ-LEON, University of California, Los Angeles, USA; Efren SANDOVAL-HERNANDEZ, CIESAS-Programa Noreste, Mexico

Cyclical Migrants: Canadian Hockey and Chilean Fútbol Players in the Twenty-First Century (Oral Presentation)
Ricardo TRUMPER, University of British Columbia, Canada; Lloyd L. WONG, University of Calgary, Canada

Thai Seasonal Migrants Working for the Finnish Wild Berry Industry (Oral Presentation)
Pekka RANTANEN, University of Tampere, Finland

Soft Power, Reciprocity and Guanxi: Temporary Business Migration, New Media and Belonging (Oral Presentation)
Susan LEONG, Curtin University, Australia; Michele WILLSON, Curtin University, Australia

Strategies of Mobility Among Romanian Roma and Its Contribution to the EU Citizenship (Distributed Paper)
Olga SERRADELL, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain; Teresa SORDÉ, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

From Induced to Spontaneous Circular Migration: The Case of Seasonal Labor Mobility Schemes in Spain (Distributed Paper)
Ana LOPEZ-SALA, Spanish National Research Council, Spain

Mobility, Diaspora & Contact Zones of Australians in Japan (Distributed Paper)
Atsushi TAKEDA, Reitaku University, Japan

Transnationalism and Schooling: The Case Study of a Brazilian Ethnic School in Japan (Distributed Paper)
Alvaro Katsuaki KANASIRO, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Highly Skilled Migration As a Structuration: What Is New? (Distributed Paper)
Natalija VALAVICIENE, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania