Constructing Gender within Youth Activism

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:20 AM
Room: 501
RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)
RC32 Women in Society

Language: English and Spanish

The papers in this session will address the construction of gender within young people’s activism, including the intersection of gender with other social hierarchies (class, race/ethnicity/nationality, age). Youth civic engagement has occupied the attention of researchers and policymakers globally during recent decades. Today, young people practice and imagine civic engagement differently than in previous generations. They embrace activism through social movements, voluntary services, social media, identity organizations, cultural production, and even militant movements. They find less appeal in institutional or formal politics. Activism appears to be among the key forms of political socialization, the process whereby young people learn political culture and develop ideas about political issues, including gender justice. Yet less attention has been paid to relationships between young people’s activism and gender as a social hierarchy. Potential topics for exploration include how young people contest gender injustice or reproduce existing inequalities as they develop strategies, ideologies, identities, organizations and alliances. Youth activism involves gender performances and engagement with/in gendered social structures. And they will typically carry into adulthood values and ideas adopted during youth activism. Papers that explore the session topic are welcome from a variety of research focuses, theoretical perspectives, conceptual tools and empirical cases.
Session Organizers:
Anna-Britt COE, Umeċ University, Sweden and Darcie VANDEGRIFT, Drake University, USA
The LGBT Activism in Estonia: Gender Perspectives (Oral Presentation)
Airi-Alina ALLASTE, Tallinn University, Estonia

Awakening Activist Sensibilities in the Hills: Across Age and Gender (Oral Presentation)
Ani WIERENGA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Femen in Tunisia: Came. Stripped. Conquered. Conquered What? (Oral Presentation)
Elina OINAS, University of Helsinki, Finland

The Discursive Construction and Performance of Gendered Identity on Social Media (Oral Presentation)
Reza HASMATH, University of Oxford, United Kingdom; Julia COOK, University of Melbourne, Australia

Girls Rights As Globalized Justice (Distributed Paper)
Hara BASTAS, City University of New York , USA

The Study of Hindu Woman Problems in Morden Society (Distributed Paper)
Anita GANJU (PARMAR), Barkatullah University, India; Mamta GOVSHINDE, Saifia Arts and Comm. College, Barkatullah University, India; Mamta GAVSHINDHE, Dr., Anil Kumar Mishra, India

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