New Challenges for Member-Driven Political Organisations: Addressing Demand, Supply, and the Digital Context

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:20 PM
Room: Booth 45
RC18 Political Sociology (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizers:
Ariadne VROMEN, University of Sydney, Australia and Anika GAUJA, Sydney University, Australia
José Bové : An Online Campaign ? (Oral Presentation)
Aïcha BOURAD, Toulouse Political Science Intitute, France

The New Organising Model in Political Advocacy; Australia's Experience (Oral Presentation)
Penelope BOWYER-PONT, Macquarie University, Australia

Organization of a Networked Presidential Campaign in Social Media (Oral Presentation)
Veikko ERANTI, University of Helsinki, Finland

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