Innovation and Public Policies, New Answers for New Challenges

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 5:30 PM-7:20 PM
Room: Booth 40
RC11 Sociology of Aging (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizer:
Adriana FASSIO, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
E-Inclusive Active Aging: Citizens and Senior Volunteers in Telematic Society (Oral Presentation)
Santiago CAMBERO RIVERO, University of Extremadura, Spain; Manuela CABALLERO, University of Extremadura, Spain; Miguel CENTELLA, University of Extremadura, Spain

Indicators and Models Assessing the Relationship Between Ageing, Severe Disability and Socio-Economic Deprivation (Oral Presentation)
Emanuela SALA, UniversitÓ di Milano Bicocca, Italy; Georgia CASANOVA, National Institute of Health & Science on Ageing (INRCA), Italy; Roberto LILLINI, UniversitÓ di Milano Bicocca, Italy

Aged Care Challenges and Solutions In Australia (Oral Presentation)
Jed DONOGHUE, University of Tasmania, Australia; Chris TAYLOR, North Sydney Council, Australia

Innovation in Nordic Elderly Care (Oral Presentation)
Rolf RěNNING, Lillehammer university college, Norway

Life Expectancy and Retirement Age: Policy Options and Practise (Oral Presentation)
Harald K▄NEMUND, University of Vechta, Germany

The Implications Of Demographic Changes On Intergenerational Relations and Social Policies. The Case Of Mexico City (Distributed Paper)
Lukasz CZARNECKI, Universidad Nacional Autˇnoma de MÚxico, Mexico

Navigating the Institutional Context in Late Life: The Function of Social Capital in Chilean Older People (Distributed Paper)
Maria-Jose TORREJON, University of British Columbia, Canada

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