Social Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:20 AM
Room: F203
RC19 Sociology of Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizers:
Bruno PALIER, Sciences Po, France and Evelyne HUBER, University of North Carolina, USA
Breaking the Cycle: Inequality, Social Investment, and Human Capital in Latin America (Oral Presentation)
Evelyne HUBER, University North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA; John D. STEPHENS, University of North Carolina, USA

Conditional Cash Transfers: A Social Investment Instrument in Times of Economic Crisis and Austerity? (Oral Presentation)
Moira NELSON, Lund University, Sweden; Johan SANDBERG, Lund University, Sweden

Conditional Cash Transfers, Job Markets and Capabilities in Latin-America: A Missing Link (Oral Presentation)
Andrea LAMPIS, National University of Colombia, Colombia

Bringing the State(s) Back in: From Lula's Bolsa Familía to Dilma's Sem Miséria (Oral Presentation)
Tracy FENWICK, Australian National University, Australia