Youth Unemployment / Underemployment and Precarity. Part II

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:20 PM
Room: F205
RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)

Language: English

Session Organizers:
John GOODWIN, University of Leicester, United Kingdom and Henrietta O'CONNOR, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Fighting Against Youth Unemployment: The Hong Kong Experience (Oral Presentation)
Ngan-Pun NGAI, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Individual and Structural Causes of Neet - a Case Study of Austria (Oral Presentation)
Heinz LEITGÖB, University of Linz, Austria; Dennis TAMESBERGER, Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor, Austria; Johann BACHER, University of Linz, Austria

The "Born Free Generation" in South Africa: Vulnerabilities and Aspirations -- CANCELLED (Oral)
Ariane DE LANNOY, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Katherine NEWMAN, Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, USA

Why Do They Sit at Home? the Neet Youth in Poland in Perspective of UE (Oral Presentation)
Jolanta GROTOWSKA-LEDER, Insitute of Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland

A Critique of the Use of the ‘Neet' Category (Oral Presentation)
Jean-Pierre TABIN, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland; Anne PERRIARD, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Switzerland

Strategic Transitions For Youth Labour In Europe: The State Of The Debate (Distributed Paper)
Jacqueline O'REILLY, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Does Deregulation Help? the Impact of Employment Protection Reforms on Youths' Non-Employment and Temporary Employment Risks in Europe (Distributed Paper)
Johannes GIESECKE, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany; Michael GEBEL, University of Mannheim, Germany

Student Self-Concept and the College-to-Work Transition in Japan (Distributed Paper)
Grant BLACK, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Enhancing Employability Through Youth Training Schemes? The Experiences Of Non-Engaged Young People In Hong Kong (Distributed Paper)
Steven Sek-yum NGAI, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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