Sexploitation of Women, Religious Extremism and Globalization, the Trinity Formula of Neo- Colonialism! a Marxist Analysis..

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Hina FAZAL, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan, Pakistan
Women are the most terrified people on the face of earth. The over whelming majority of those persecuted ,tortured raped and executed are living in Muslim patriarchies, although sexually or mentally liberated women is not safe in any part of the world. If i reconceptualize the religious history of Western europe after 15th century , the majority of those who convicted or brutally punished for witchcraft or heresy were sexually liberated working women who tried to rebelled. From the historical perspective it is very empirical for sociologists and anthropologists to investigate, compare and specify the routs from which anti women behaviour was metamorphosed deep in our psyches, hierarchies, archives and lexicons for the violent abuse and sexploitation of women especially in situation of conflict she is perceived as a public concern. Medieval witch persecution and modern day honor killing, rape, prostitution, pornography, genital mutilation, forced marriages and other gender related issues are the expressions of same brutal class hierarchy which controls all the means and tools of production through families ,private property, private wealth and repressive state institutions as they all provide material and ideological foundations to promote and preserve anti women social stereotypes which we usually noticed in traditional Muslim hierarchies. Phenomena of globalization debauched women's sexuality in more crudest form with more dewomanizing effects. Globalization as a neoliberal political cult of the West with invasions of cultures caught women in a deadly crossfire between secular and fundamental forces while reactionary forces were being encouraged and used as an unconscious tool to bring more bloodshed and that plague of terror has already devastated our life. The only solution i think is democratic socialization of all the means and tools of production.
PS. During presentation I will use art works of women,s right activist .