Social Science in the Making: The Case of Sociology in Poland during First Half of XX Century

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 14:45
Oral Presentation
Lukasz DOMINIAK, Nicolaus Copernic University, Poland
In my paper, I would like to present preliminary remarks concerning social groups constituting polish sociologists prior to its professionalization. I will start with the demographic and social background of three generations deep sociological sample (n=150). Then I will try to expose some explanations for its local and regional organizational perseverance in spite of its unfavorable and vague political and economic conditions. This will include macro analysis of the central-peripheral situation of first polish sociologists as a fraction of intellectuals in general and theirs imperial dependence and national embeddedness which provide specific means of research, teaching, and communication. The empirical case will lead to general conclusions about contingency and path dependency of development of sociology in semi-developed countries.