Nationalization, Internationalization, Regionalization, Transnationalization, and Globalization of Sociology in Japan

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 15:00
Oral Presentation
Shujiro YAZAWA, Center of Glocal Studies, Seijo University, Japan
This paper tries to analyze important attempts of nationalization, regionalization, transnationalization and globalization of sociology in the history of sociology in Japan.

  1. Nationalization: From Meiji restoration.(1868) to the establishment of Japan Sociological Society in 1924. Sociologists in Japan tried to nationalize Western sociologies (German, French, English and American). I would like to show the process and characteristics of nationalization of Western sociologies in Japan. I also pay attention to the process and characteristics of institutionalization of sociology in Japan.
  2. Internationalization: In this paper, internationalization means that sociologists try to participate in international activities beyond national border. Many sociologists have been doing this. This paper shows the characteristics of internationalization of sociology in Japan by analyzing the survey of members of Japan Sociological Society on Internationalization of sociology in Japan which was conducted in 2015.
  3. Regionalization: Sociologists have been trying to organize academic organizations within nation state and in global regions. This paper presents the current stage of regional sociological association in Japan. This paper also would like to point out new movements of establishing regional sociological organizations in Asia. East Asian Sociological Association is the best example of this movement.
  4. Transnationalization: This is the concept which came from U. Beck’s transnationalism and cosmopolitanism. This paper shows the best example of this attempts in Japan comes from sociologies in Okinawa, Okinawa is a small island and a kind of internal colony in Japan.
  5. Globalization: Globalization is to attempt to create global multi-versal sociologies in global space. This paper shows several attempts of build global sociologies.in Japan.
  6. In conclusion, this paper will point out which concept is the best concept for understanding the present stage of sociology in the world.