Mobile Technology Consumption: The Lifestyle in the Era of New Mobility

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:30
Oral Presentation
Alyona MAKSHANCHIKOVA, National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Russian Federation

The critical problem points of large cities, combined with technological progress, lead to the emergence of new formats of work, life, leisure. The paper is devoted to the new way of mobile technology consumption as a alternative lifestyle in rural area residents and includes the consideration of a role of mobile technologies in development of process of a de-urbanization.

The divergence between system and the vital world is counterbalanced with a certain humanization of a workplace of workers, does not erase sources of class, administrative, information inequalities.

Thus, we note that the person of the megalopolis is in a condition of systematic saturation by information and social communications. We underline the "colonization" of those spheres of the vital world which primordially were considered as exclusively private - family life, life, leisure, experiences. We see the trand of transfering of a part of life and work to rural areas.

We assume that the way of consumption of infocommunikations become a certain track in making decision on formation of new lifestyle out of the urban environment. The key research question is raised as follows: what a role of modern infocommunication technologies in the organization of life and the leisure moving from the city to rural settlements?

As the key masseges of the paper we select the following theses:

- technical progress promotes degradation of borders of personal and working hours and space;

- the new way of mobile technology consumption support the de-urbanisation trend;

- the transterritorial perception of a workplace and the residence.

Also, the typology of the consumption patterns of means of modern infocommunications by rural settler is presented.