Impact of Globalization on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction: A Study Among Information Technology Professionals in India

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 17:45
Oral Presentation
Somashekher CHINNAPPA, Bangalore University, India
Although much has been lamented and debated upon organizational commitment and job satisfaction for almost four decades, few studies have involved information technology professionals. The sociology of society, science and technology deals with how social and cultural values affect scientific development and technological advancement and how these in turn affect society and culture. In the Indian Society the process of globalization has induced the economic opportunity and employment potentiality in the field of information technology industry. However, the impact of globalization may be both positive and negative; it provides a pathway to continuous technological upgradation but at the same time it appears to threaten the information technology professionals on the basis of their involvement and satisfaction in performing the job. A study in India reveals the impact of globalization on organizational commitment and job satisfaction among information technology professionals. It also focuses on the determinants and indices of commitment of Information Technology professionals and their satisfaction on the job. The present research seeks to probe into the intricate realities confronting the Information Technology professionals in the Indian setting. The geographical universe of the study is restricted to IT professionals based out of Bangalore city. The researcher has analysed the primary data collected from two categories of respondents, namely, IT professionals and Information Technology consultants for the purpose, to ensure that the findings are as accurate and as unbiased as possible. The researcher concludes that job satisfaction tends to be rather high in Information Technology professionals in the higher age bracket. Job satisfaction tends to be lower in the case of IT professionals in the lower age bracket. Upon analyzing the collated primary data furnished by the IT professionals and the consultants, the researcher concludes that the work experience of the IT professionals has a bearing on their job satisfaction levels.