Science and Technology Initiatives for Inclusivity and Equity.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology (host committee)

Language: English

Despite unprecedented progress and breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, wide spread exclusions and disparities in access to opportunities and advantages of innovations in science and technology continue to persist that have accentuated and aggravated social inequity, deprivations and disparities in contemporary societies, dampening the positive implications of progress and development. These initiatives could be related to access to natural resources, technology for harnessing, controlling and preserving them through innovative techniques. The corporate focus, elitist composition and commercialisation of science and technology have left behind the masses marooned to witness and experience vast inequities in wealth, opportunities and quality of life. Access to resources, opportunities for growth are marked by inequities and deprivations leading to economic, social, cultural and political imbalances in the growth process that have in turn taken toll on overall human development indices of the societies, particularly in developing societies. These persisting inequities in the wake of unprecedented creation of wealth by application of innovations in science and technology are believed to be contributing to increasing sense of relative deprivation in  spheres of society, economy and polity, eventually leading to violent movements by the deprived sections of society seeking equitable distribution of power, wealth, and opportunities for growth and social justice

            Hence, the session invites papers dealing with innovative Science Technology initiatives the applications of which could transform lives of marginalized populations contributing to their amelioration through social equity and justice.


S. L. Hiremath

Session Organizer:
Siddharamesh HIREMATH, Gulbarga University, India
Jayashree KULKARNI, JSW Limited, Toranagallu, India
Nagendrappa HANAMANTHARAO PATIL, Gulbarga University, India
Raghavendra GUDAGUNTI, Government First Grade College, Shorapur, District Yadgir, Karnataka, India
Oral Presentations
Village Base Stations (VBTS): The Promise of Community Cellular Networks As a Project for Public Sociology
Josephine DIONISIO, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines; Cedric Angelo FESTIN, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines; Jalton TAGUIBAO, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines; Manuel Victor SAPITULA, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines; Kurtis HEIMERL, University of Washington, USA