The Crisis of Trust-the Crisis of Communication in a Changing World

Saturday, 21 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Musa YUSUPOV, Chechen State University, Law Faculty, Russian Federation
Trust is a value shared by all people, regardless of their cultural, religious affiliation and social status. However, in modern reality, there is a crisis in many spheres of life, in the system of international and domestic relations. This actualizes the need for study of the state and prospects of trusty relations development between various subjects.

The subject of research is trust in social and intercultural communication.

Method: sociological and cultural approaches were applied, World Values Survey data were used as well as indicators of Russian and regional sociological surveys.

Trust is perceived as a state of the individual and positive expectation of actions from the communicant. It is a value and means of successful communication of individuals and groups, representatives of states, realization of joint projects. It is advisable to consider trust at different levels and in different contexts, ontological and existential contradictions in the system of economic and cultural relations, for example, along the lines "South-North", "East-West". Another field of manifestation trust manifestation is communication between two or more states or coalition of states for solving problems in the economic, political space-area. Within the state, trust-distrust is manifested in communication at the interpersonal, group and institutional level. The barriers to confidential communication are the violation of established and agreed rules, the lack of commitment and responsibility in one or both sides of interaction, as well as the polarization of social groups by income, inequality, legal insecurity of citizens, etc. Mismatch of interests, not the desire of communicants to recognize basic values generates a crisis of confidence, and this entails a crisis in communication.

Conclusion. The measures of economic integration and rapprochement of cultures, the strengthening of interreligious tolerance, the creation of various supranational associations will promote confidence in the changing world.