Communication for Socio-Cultural Change

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC14 Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture (host committee)

Language: English

A possible strategy in achieving sustainability and development places the people of the community in the centre of the commuication process. This technique is also known as participatory approach where interpersonal communication is exercised through community media.

            The role of communicator is more important today. This is so because the world has never seen a time where there was so much to know, so  much people need to kow quickly. In developing countries, therefore nothing is more important than the transfer of useful information from person to person. It has been observed that single source of information cannot disseminate all kind of ideas, for this, different types of source of information is required to disseminate many ideas for desired change & development. Disseminating of ideas also bring change in structure, functions and social relationship in society.

The role of communication is particularly important in relation to such socio-cultural change occuring in the modern world as socio-economic upliftments, environmental change and  urbanization or process of integration and exclusion associated with modernization of socities, development in active components of society like family women and young people etc.

            This panel invites papers related to various dimension of changes and development taking place in society through communication. Programmes for sustainable development in different spheres of society i.e impact study, role of ICT in the process of sustainable devolpment, health communication, communication and empowerment of women,   media mangement, media utilization, agriculture and allied field and  influence of interpersonal and other communication channels in getting information.

Session Organizer:
Emmanuel DAS, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture,Technology and Sciences, India
Oral Presentations
Socio-Economic Impact of ICT on Rural Women: Problems of Prospects
Mukesh RANGA, CSJM University, Kanpur (INDIA), India
Communication and Interculturality
Laura FERRENO, Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda, Argentina
Distributed Papers
Communication, Rural Development and Technology: A Sociological Viewpoint
Education, Communication and Development: A Policy Perspective
Munesh KUMAR, Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur, India
The Crisis of Trust-the Crisis of Communication in a Changing World
Musa YUSUPOV, Chechen State University, Law Faculty, Russian Federation