Problems and Countermeasures: A Study on the Influential Factor of University Teacher Academic Career Development

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 15:20
Oral Presentation
Yan Li HAO, Zhengzhou University, China
Jing MA, Zhengzhou University, China
Although the proportion of female faculty in universities is getting higher, the ratio decreases when it comes to female faculty who own a high title of a technical post. The title can be seen as a symbol of the level of career development, which is a reflection of the status of female faculty’ professional development. This study adopted quantitative analysis methodology and found that there are three factors constraining female faculty’s career development: (1) the “de-gendering” tendency existed in the scientific research system; (2) marriage and giving birth to child had an impact on female faculty’ career development; (3) “The age threshold” restricted the subsequent development of the female faculty. The study also recommends establishing a comprehensive long-term research development mechanism to improve the academic research environment. The specific methods include: setting up academic research funds for women faculty to support and encourage them; broadening the age limit in the application of various funds and awards considering the female faculty’s physiological characteristics.