The Reform and Development Trend of Teacher Profession Training in the Epoch of Globalization

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
LIU YING, First author, China
In the era of globalization, professional teaching and professional knowledge on the latest development of teacher professionalism training foundation reform, under the influence of the international community, the reform of teachers' training form of "practice" and "two path research" based on "research and to enrich teachers new trend the development of" practice ". The teacher specialized training reform emphasizes on practice to extend the learning time of students, learning and learning theory integrating practice, strengthen the university school cooperation." the study of teachers based on the training of professional education and educational reform emphasize the research method of the proportion of learning, encourage students carry out the "teacher research". "The rich teachers try to" practice "and" research "teachers training based on combination based on the formation of a more fusion, The teacher training mode which is more suitable for teaching needs, the formation and development of "practice based", "research based" and "research rich" play an active role in improving the quality of University Teachers.