For New Approach of Future Studies: Case of Future of Arab Countries

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Abdelkader LATRECHE, Social Sciences Forum, Algeria
The study of the future of Arabs required the adoption of a new approach concerning the elaboration of the possible, alternative and desired future for the new generation of Arabs, away from classical methods. For that our vision to forecast the desire future will integrate both the effect of long-term dynamics and rupture but also with and abandon of classical outdated conceptions of the past and present, because the future is not necessary the extension of actual crisis. This approach will break up with traditional way to forecast the future and give up to develop an articulating project around a desirable future for new generation of Arabs.

The desire future for Arab countries is not limited only to the announcement of descriptive scenarios but essentially to design the pathways leading the future of Arab countries and contributing to move toward a New Future. This will not prevent us from reporting all determinants that will reinforce and ensure the realization of the desire future such as increase all forms of exchanges between Arab countries, strengthening legal frameworks that promote real rapprochement between Arab states and populations, reinforcement of the role of different local actors, civil societies, trade unions, political parties, professional association beyond the traditional chanel.

This approach is based on the idea that futures are in large part shaped by choices and thinked creatively and collectively.

Forecast the future of Arab countries have the singularity to be design as project with vision based on the realization of common strategies goal which all, or the majority of Arab State, adhere, in particular put an end to all the conflicts in the region. Our vision of the desirable future combine different level of changes.