The Crystal and the Landscapes: Sensorialities and Displacements.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:00
Oral Presentation
RITA CASTRO, University of Brasília, Brazil
In times of acceleration and simultaneous information, cultivating spaces of focus and depth are constant challenges, especially when regarding approaches about creative processes. How to activate inner listening and subtler perceptions of the body in the midst of everyday chaos?

It is intended to enter, in a more extended time, from the approach of the seitai-ho, japanese corporal education that aims to rescue and maintain the sensitive body, particularly accessing the principles of do-ho, do - means movement and ho - technique.

From these principles it is proposed to reflect on performances realized with a crystal in different landscapes and atmospheres, such as Jalapão in Brazil, Atacama in Chile and Kyoto in Japan. A crystal is placed on the head, in the seventh chackra, which acts as a mediator and igniter of actions and movements for the performer, a stimulus for listening and readiness states in interaction with the ambiences with their singularities.

After the performances being registered with video, comes the questions: How to create fields of experience for the other? How to provoke displacements and subversions in everyday life? As an exchange experiment with the other, stones are placed at strategic points in the streets and small projections are made on the textures of stones associated with specific sounds, in dialogue with the images. The stones, with their textures and singularities, act as supports for the projections. With the poetic action promoted by the experience and transmuted in an expanded scene, the research deals with the scope of a micropolitics of daily life, with small moments of rupture for the man who lives in the cities. It is intended to show in a video, a synthesis of the performative experience that occurs in a dilated time-space, propitiator of verticality and more subtle connections.