Women Attitudes Towards Environment in Poland – the Case Study of Upper Silesia Region (Poland).

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 08:30
Oral Presentation
Katarzyna IWINSKA, Collegium Civitas, Poland
Coal is a major energy source in Poland, including electricity generation sector. Most coal burning power plants have been operated for over 30 years, thus they soon will have to be modernized or decommissioned. During last years of transformation burning coal dumps have created serious socio-economic problems in many regions.

I present the case study research from Upper Silesia, a region of Poland, which is one of the most intensively mined areas in Europe. Moreover, one of the basic indicators of socio-cultural identity of the Upper Silesia inhabitants was an extremely intense (as of mid-nineteenth century) industrialization, the development of specific industrial monoculture (mining and metallurgy), and a strong work ethic.

In the paper I will present the results of the qualitative analysis of socio-economic activities and strategies of women, with particular emphasis on strategies in the context of changes in civilization (the idea of sustainable development) and transformation (decarbonisation). The subjects of the research are women, residents of Upper Silesia, who both have family and work responsibilities. Moreover, they are also active participants in the life of their local communities. Women create and reproduce "small community" (around the traditions of the local community) and struggle with the economic changes.

The framework of the analysis is sustainable development concept focused mainly on the quality of life, professional and civic strategies (economic) and attitudes towards environment (ecological values, energy awareness, etc). Within this frame I present the case study of an active research with Silesian women who adapt to the changing situation on the labor market (as a result of restructuring and blanking mines) and implement various solutions to meet the needs of their own, their families and the social environment (in the local community).