Tourist Ecovillage As an Area of Socially Responsible Tourism Development.

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 08:45
Oral Presentation
Pavel STORCHAK, Belarusian State University, Belarus
Dzmitry ZAKHAREVICH, Institute of tourism of Belarusian state university of physical education, Belarus
At present, the problem of interaction between society and the environment is especially acute. The human is constantly in stressful situations, tired both physically and psychologically, which leads to the conflict situations occurrence, both in everyday life and at work, as well as to a decrease of activity level. And to restore his innate resources, exhausted in the course of production activities and in the performance of everyday household duties, a person must rest. In order to rest, a person resorts to the use of tourism, the main function of which is social one. The social essence of tourism becomes obvious in the organization of leisure of the population; leveling and preventing conflicts in society; new relations formation between individuals and groups; acculturation of the population and cultural values promotion. However, despite the fact that tourism is a social concept, as a market-oriented economy sector, it has now become just a commercial type of activity and, seeking for profit, we begin to lose its social essence. To reduce human influence on the environment, we, as part of the green economy concept, developed a tourism ecovillage project as an alternative to usual people's recreations. Indeed, by the development of tourist ecovillages, we can address both global environmental problems and the social problems of certain regions. In work we drew special attention to the conflict-free management and social equity system at this facility.