Confessions of an Ethnic

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Jane KU, Sociology, University of Windsor, Canada, Women and Gender Studies, University of Windsor, Canada
Using autoethnography, this paper analyzes three moments of public expressions (in the form of words in published texts) of the author’s ethnic identity to explore her social location and situatedness in relation to her “community”. These public expressions I take up are understood as “confessions” (Rey Chow) through which we enact our ethnic identities. Employing the concept of “native informant” (Gayatri Spivak) and “protesting ethnic” (Chow), the paper will engage with these expressions and re-memory to explore the formation of ethnic identity in the age of global capitalist “postracial” society. How (racialized) ethnic femininity is recognized and acknowledgeable is discussed here. Implications drawn include examining the usefulness of autoethnographic method in investigating formation of ethnic identity and community in relation to race, in seeing intersectionality and multiple mediations, and for collective ethnic and activist narratives when applied to more collaborative community research.