Creative, Collaborative and Participatory Methods for Researching Racism, Migration and Indigeneity

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC05 Racism, Nationalism, Indigeneity and Ethnicity (host committee)

Language: English

Increasingly, social research is looking to find methods to actively involve research participants in the production of knowledge to calue their subjectivities and situated knowledges and ensure accountability. This is important to make the knowledges produced relevant to particanpts' lives and - where appropriate - speak to, broaden and challenge policy agendas. There can be contradictions between wthe ways in which ideas of participatn and policy impact are articulated in funding bodies' agendas and critical, liberatory, decolonial or anti-racist agendas. At a time where the social climate in many societies is increasingly anti-immigrant and normalizes racism, it is particularly urgent to develop methods and research practices to closely engage research participants and other groups to co-produce critical knowledges, creative and participatory methods offer this promise. This session invites submissions including but not limited to the following questions: 

- how can participatory, collaborative and creative methods contribute to critical research on migration, racism and indigeneity? 

- challenges for co-producing knowledge across academic and other sectors such as arts, policy, activism? 

- methodological issues 

- reflexive accounts of specific research projects

- uses of creative and participatory methods for generating data, engagement and dissemination

- opportunities and pitfalls for challenging colonial and racialized knowledges

Session Organizer:
Umut EREL, Open University, United Kingdom
Elena VACCHELLI, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
Oral Presentations
The Power of Dreams: Researching Young People’s Imaginings of Non-Racialism
Kira ERWIN, Durban University of Technology, South Africa; Kathryn PILLAY, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Migrant Women Creatively Intervening in Policies and Practices of Social Exclusion : A Participatory Arts and Social Research Project
Eirini KAPTANI, Open University, United Kingdom; Tracey REYNOLDS, University of Greeniwch, United Kingdom; Umut EREL, Open University, United Kingdom; Margaret O'NEILL, York University, United Kingdom
Listening to and through Place
Christy GUTHRIE, University of Toronto, Canada
The Role of Creativity and Storytelling to Address Power Inequalities and Structural Violence
Joanna WHEELER, University of Western Cape, South Africa; Thea SHAHROKH, Coventry University, United Kingdom
Theatre As Method: Engaging Publics on Racism and Resistance
Valerie STAM, Carleton University, Canada
Unsettled Ground: An Institutional Ethnography of a Residential School
Katherine Charlotte MORTON, Memorial University, Canada
Distributed Papers
A Participatory Approach to Create Knowledge and Actions to Improve Immigrants’ Health.
Karina BOGGIO, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; Virginia DE LEÓN, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; Lorena FUNCASTA, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; María CANTABRANA, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Confessions of an Ethnic
Jane KU, Sociology, University of Windsor, Canada