Youth and New Technologies: Problems of Developing Innovations in Modern Russia

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 17:30
Oral Presentation
Ekaterina VASILEVA, Volgograd State University, Russia
The result of the technologizing of various spheres of social life is the formation of a new environment, transformation of knowledge in financial, economic, managerial and political innovations, as well as reformation of economic values and economic culture of the population. New information technologies affect all aspects of society in an integrated manner, especially the behavior of youth. Analysis of foreign and Russian experience of the study of innovation activity has shown that the value has been attached to the process of introduction of changes.

A sociological study conducted in the framework of the project suggests that it is necessary to take into account the matrix of values of the Russian society in order to stimulate the studied processes. Due to a number of causes the economic socialization of youth goes with varying degrees of success, as in 1990-2000s it was mostly spontaneous and only from 2010-ies begin to appear institutions whose objectives is the development of innovative and economic activity of young people. Economic socialization of youth, on the one hand, is successful, as the majority of young people get experience in the period of study in educational institutions and is focused on the acquisition of new knowledge, on the other hand, it is not successful, as there is being formed a large layer of young people, ready for labor migration and emigration to economically highly developed countries. During the study of the space of reproduction of labour migration as a form of socio-economic activity, has been studied the economic value of labor migrants; strategies of adapting to a new socio-cultural space have been showed. Thus, labour migration, on the one hand, ensures the formation of a communicative space and is characterized by "hypermobility"; on the other hand, it contributes to the growth of social tension.