Towards the Transition of a New Innovation Policy in Developing Countries

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology (host committee)

Language: English

Technological change and its effects on State, economy and social development are generating more complex scenarios. In this sense there are emerging imbalances within the power relations of political and economic actors. Nevertheless generation of knowledge, information and technological development would be also capable of coping with problems like justice and social inclusion. This has not been thoroughly taken into consideration. Another issue that contributes to radicalization of the forementioned imbalances is the massive emigration of refugees basically to countries with high economic, political and social standards. All this scenario has deeper implications on developping nations. The case is more explicit in countries, which on one hand don't count on a State apparatus and consolidated and cohesive institutional structures in relation to social demands and, on the other hand, aim at generating social and economic development through modern policies of innovation. This very innovation policy is critiziced because of its pronounced orientation towards technological innovations and the role of capital and business. This innovation policy is also supposed to be neglecting its political responsability to cope with social problems. The purspose of this session is the discussion and presentation of new researchwork that aim at new methodological and theoretical focuses. The session will expand the discussion on formulation of the scientific, technological and innovation policies activity in the context of developed countries and its new relationship with the capital, power, nonviolent, justice and social inclusion.
Session Organizer:
Rafael Antonio PALACIOS BUSTAMANTE, Investigador y Consultor Internacional, Venezuela
Oral Presentations
Youth and New Technologies: Problems of Developing Innovations in Modern Russia
Ekaterina VASILEVA, Volgograd State University, Russia
Iot Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Countris
Chiara BERNARDI, University of Stirling, United Kingdom; Abbas FAGHIH KHORASANI, University of Tehran, Iran
Globalising Social Science in Indonesia: Problems of Interrelations of Institutions, Networks, and Social Skills
Rochman ACHWAN, University of Indonesia, Indonesia; Antony Zeidra ABIDIN, Indonesia Network of Political Economy, Indonesia
Inclusive Growth in India Dream or Reality?
Somasekara REDDY, V.V Pura College of Arts and Commerce, K.R Road, Bangalore-560004, India, India
E Governance, Decentralization and Development: An Experience of Gyandoot
Dr. MANUSHI, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, India; Prakash DILARE, Gautam Buddha University, India