Critical Discourse Approaches and Modernity: Some Reflection

Friday, 20 July 2018: 10:45
Oral Presentation
Emmanuel H. Souza RODRIGUES, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
This work brings reflections on the methodology of Critical Discourse Analysis applied in a sociological work that has an anchor different from the approaches to modernity. With a theory based on critical sociological perspectives, as well as critical perspectives on linguistics, the Critical Discourse Analysis is built on a number of concepts stemming from a modern tradition. Is Critical Discourse Analysis, as it is constituted, capable of absorbing perspectives such as those of multiple modernities, coloniality and postmodernity?

The speeches analyzed as example are from the Chamber of Deputies in the 54th legislature and their themes were egalitarian marriage; the speeches are related to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court and National Council of Justice on same-sex marriage. I make an analysis from the Systemic-Functional Linguistics, with the observation of the Appraisal System, which focuses on the observation of the attitude of the speakers to what is being said, as of the engagement and graduation of them with what they say.

In conclusion, this work provides a view of possible developments of Critical Discourse Analysis as an analytical tool to sociological investigation, reaffirming its possibilities inter and transdisciplinary. In a changing world, Critical Discourse Analysis is able to cover many sociological approaches, being a strong ally in order to comprehend the liquidity of the social and theoretical changes of contemporaneity.