Integration into the Profession of a Doctor and Barriers to the Formation of a Professional Identity

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 17:45
Oral Presentation
Oxana NOR-AREVYAN, Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
Olga MOSIENKO, Southern Federal University, Russia
The professional identity of physicians is often explored in the context of the theory and practice of everyday life. From this position, the professional identity of doctors is analyzed as a complex and dynamically developing construct, interdependent from the social practices of the doctor, sustainable professional interactions, everyday communication and interaction in the work environment. In the context of everyday practice, the identity of physicians is seen as a life strategy (Eisenberg E., Niemi P., Ryynänen K., Winslade J.).

The most recent foreign research in this field is the formation of the professional identity of physicians through the process of integration into the profession and the influence of family social ties (Amies E., Baernstein A., Chang T., Mann K., Oelschlager A., Vondracek F., Wenrich M.).

Russian scientists are actively engaged in researching risk factors and level of tension in the professional work of doctors during their entry into office, as well as factors that influence the development of their professional self-awareness in the process of university training (Alekseeva L.F., Bohan T.G., Moreva S.A., Rumyantseva T.V., Fitmova A.A., Shabalovskaya M.V., etc.). The results of Russian studies reflect the transformational tendencies of the professional identity of a physician with the predominance of negative perceptions of his professional identity (Vodyakha A.A., Mayakovskaya N.V., Mosienko O.S., Nor-Arevyan O.A., Prisyazhnyuk D.I., Sukhova E.N., etc.).

The study of deviative tendencies in the profession of a doctor, conditioned by unmet expectations and the effect of status inconsistency on quitting and internal job changing (Creed W. E.D., Saporta I.), and leading to the emergence of a crisis of professional identity, is becoming urgent.