Conceptual Modeling of the System of Symbolic Construction of Doctors Professional Identity in Russian Media Space.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 17:30
Oral Presentation
Anna S. FROLOVA, Southern Federal University, Russia, Don State University, Russia
Galina CHIKAROVA, Southern Federal University, Russia
A large number of different factors influence the process of constructing professional identity of the individual (personal circumstances, family, education, community, economic situation, labour market, etc.). In the modern world, in the era of information society media has very meaningful role in the process of forming a professional identity modern doctor.

Media, on the one hand, are the product of social relations, on the other hand, they determine those relations and processes. Modern media are key factors of formation of professional identity of the modern Russian doctor, reflecting such important components of his professional identity, as the prestige of the profession in society and the attitude of the public towards the representatives of this branch of labor. Also by means of different sources of mass information (TV and radio, broadcasting, print media, Internet) is the formation of the so-called portrait of a modern doctor.
This article provides approbation of conceptual modeling methodology in the context of constructing professional identity of doctors in Russian media-space. Conceptual modeling makes it possible to study static structure of the system in the context of goal-achievement in transition. The authors proceed from the premise that dominant forms of media determine identity matrices through various instruments, be they the mass media, social networks, blogs, films, advertising, animation or TV series. All these forms of communication transmit certain symbolic codes perceived by individuals, that are built into multi-level identification matrix.

This paper is written within framework of the interdisciplinarity paradigm and implements the method of social modeling, in particular conceptual modeling. Conceptual modeling makes it possible to study the static structure of the system in the context of the its goal-achievement while in transition.

The article was written with the support of the Russian Science Foundation project No. 16-18-10306.