Social Security, Informal Labour, Voluntary Organisations: Survival for Workforce from Marginal Communities

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 11:30
Oral Presentation
Social security is a primary part of the development process, which helps in establishment of constructive approach to face the challenges given by liberalization, privatization and globalization and the technological changes to the workforce in both formal and informal sectors. This study tries to answer how the link between the Governance of State which bears the responsibility for developing appropriate system to provide protection and assistance to its workforce and prevent deprivation, assure the individual of a basic minimum income for himself and his dependents and to protect the individual from any uncertainties. This study focuses on tribal population from Chota Nagpur region of India which has largely migrated to urban setup in search of work. Today, they are mostly engaged as domestic workers in families in metropolitan cities. Among them, most of them are school dropouts. Results in this study how, reason behind their dropping the school are their small land holdings, and, with increasing industries in their villages have resulted in low agricultural production for survival. These poor finances and survival conditions aggravated with questions arising for the survival of their families. This exploratory study finds out the life of twenty-five domestic workers who have left their families and roots long time back. Attempting to look at their state after years of gap that has been created among them and their families, the study looked at tribal domestic workers who have migrated to work in Mumbai and have completed more than ten years of their service. Though domestic workers have been a mean to curb joblessness among the school dropout tribal population, yet, it has been one of the most difficult form of informal labour, where today many voluntary organisations have been coming up for their liberation along with providing them some better environment to work.