Work and Emerging Technologies: Socio-Historical Approach between Nanotechnology and Precariousness of Work and Its Impacts on Brazilian Workers

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Jorge PONTES, Fundacentro, Brazil
Arline ARCURI, Fundacentro, Brazil
In 1965, Gordon E. Moore proposed that the miniaturization of components onto integrated systems would launch science to new achievements and emphasized that the biggest potential lies in the production of large systems. Nowadays, nanotechnology has taken on this task and shows itself as a great influence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, being applied from automation to human enhancement. A socio-historical investigation of this potential related to the precariousness of work is the object of our article in an effort to answer the questions: Are brazilian workers ready to withstand the negative impacts and adapt to new structural and organizational changes in the workplace? What are the impacts of these changes in our society?