Brazil Post-Impeachment: June Days of 2013 and the Parliamentary Coup

Monday, 16 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Ruy BRAGA, University of São Paulo, Brazil
With the consolidation of the parliamentary coup d'état in Brazil, political and sociological analyzes are multiplied, whose core consists in affirming a supposed continuity between the popular mobilization cycle of 2013 and the pro-impeachment protests of 2015. In this presentation, we intend to analyze both the arguments of those who claim that the so-called "June Days" of 2013 opened the way for the parliamentary coup and the prospects of the renewal of popular social movements in a political context marked by the deconstruction of labor and social rights and, consequently, by the deepening of the inequalities between the social classes. To this end, we will analyse case studies and ethnographic records of peripheral populations and precarious workers in five large urban centers of the country, and especially in the city of São Paulo.