Violent Victimization of Mental Health Service Users.

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 09:06
Oral Presentation
Silvia KRUMM, Ulm University, Germany
Background: Mental health service face high risk of victimization but this issue is still neglected compared to studies on the risk of violence committed by mental health service users. Victimization can lead to severe physical and mental health consequences and self-stigmatization.

Method: Based on a systematic review, recent findings on the prevalences of adult victimization will be introduced and risk factors will be discussed against criminological concepts including the routine activity approach.

Results: International studies consistently indicate high adult victimization risks compared to general population. Risk factors include psychopathology, substance abuse, (former) experiences of violence, and a lack of social integration. Disclosure of victimization is hindered by several barriers.

Discussion: Preventive and interventive measures should be provided at individual, service, and societal level.