Victimization and Mental Illness

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC49 Mental Health and Illness (host committee)

Language: English

For a long time, violence in the context of mental health and illness was largely reduced to violent behavior of mental health service users. However, while there is a slight increase in violent behavior compared to general population, service users are at much greater risk of being victims of violence. Victimization comprises experiences of physical, sexual and/or emotional violence within domestic, public or institutional settings from childhood to adulthood. While we have some data on the prevalence of victimization in certain groups, there is only limited understanding of the causal relationship between victimization and mental illness, associations between victimization and violent behavior, the social and situational background, or gender related aspects of victimization. In this session, we welcome diverse contributions on the many facets of victimization among service users from socio-cultural, historic, individual, or institutional perspectives.
Session Organizer:
Silvia KRUMM, Ulm University, Germany
Oral Presentations
Criminal Victimization, Social Capital and Mental Health: The Impact of Gender
Reinhold KILIAN, Ulm University, Germany; Carolin VON GOTTBERG, Ulm University, Department of Psychiatry II, Germany; Natalie LAMP, Ulm University, Germany; Annabel MUELLER-STIERLIN, Ulm University, Germany
Patriarchy and Defenseless Women: The Qualitative Study of Women's Mental Health in Khorramabad (Iran)
Seyed Alireza AFSHANI, Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Yazd University, Iran; Masoud ZAMANIMOGHADAM, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Social Sciences at Yazd University, Iran
Violent Victimization of Mental Health Service Users.
Silvia KRUMM, Ulm University, Germany