Sociology of Youth in French Canada: Nourished and Deepened By Multiple Academic Traditions

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:45
Oral Presentation
Nicole GALLANT, Centre - Urbanisation Culture Société, INRS Urbanisation Culture Société, QUEBEC, Canada
Maria Eugenia LONGO, INRS, Canada
This presentation showcases interdisciplinary research on youth at the Observatoire Jeunes et Société (OJS), an international, mostly French-speaking research network based in Québec. A variety of national academic traditions (North American, French, Latin American) permeate our research approaches and conceptualisations (e.g., sociological transitions paradigm; precarity in work). We illustrate this with recent findings in four fields of research: work, education, culture, and marginalised youth. We conclude with an innovative ethical design for large-scale sharing of qualitative data, intended for a new, interdisciplinary project on youth engagement in various areas of life.